Why Choose a Wireless Home Security Alarm System?

Everything is wireless these days. Your phone, your internet, even your television has wireless capabilities. Should your home security system be wireless too?

Burglar Resistant Security



Did you know that 25% of burglars cut phone wires and security wires before entering a home? A wireless home security alarm system that connects to your cell phone has no wires to cut.

You can install a wireless system that sends alerts through internet and home phone lines. Consider a cellular connection for added security and more frequent updates.

Why Choose a Wireless Home Security Alarm System?

Updates To Your Cell

Configure wireless home security alarm systems to connect to your cell phone. Enjoy frequent updates about your home and receive instant notification in the event of a break in, fire, or other alarm trigger. Some wireless systems offer home automation features. This means you can program your alarm remotely. You can also see feed from surveillance cameras and monitor your home’s energy use.

These features are useful when you go out of town. Your cell phone connects with your wireless home security system to keep you up to date about break ins, internal temperature changes, floods, and fires. You can even turn lights on and off to simulate an occupant.

Wireless systems allow you to detect problems before they become crises.

Why Choose a Wireless Home Security Alarm System?

The Renter’s Security Solution

A wireless home security alarm system is the perfect security solution for renters. Wireless security systems install without damaging drilling or home alterations. They move with you, protecting your new home as well as they protected your old. Some wireless systems even have DIY installation options.

Landlords benefit from home security systems. Property damage is expensive to repair. Talk to your landlord today about installing a wireless security system to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Insurance Discounts

Did you know you could save up to 20% on your home insurance just by installing a home security system? Insurance companies want you to have a security system because security systems are proven to prevent damages. Save money and protect your family.

Why Wireless?

Why Choose a Wireless Home Security Alarm System?

Wireless security systems are the safest security solution available for your family. When it comes to your family’s safety, you want the best, don’t you?

Finding the Right Business Security Company

You want the best for your business. That means finding the best business security company to represent your venture. How do you do it? Do you really need business security?

Why Invest In Security For Your Business?

Your office probably takes measures against cyber criminals. Your computer has a password and you installed decent malware software to protect sensitive information. What about the rest of your office? Can your business afford the costs associated with a break in, vandalism, or other security crisis?

Criminals who target offices like yours are after more than electronics. They take computers, paper records, and other sensitive information about your business and your employees. As a business owner and employer you are responsible for preventing this sort of crisis. This is where a business security company helps.

Explore Your Security Options

You need to know the security options before you can choose a provider. What kinds of systems are available? What are the features offered by most security companies? Which work best for your office?

Security systems are more complex these days than a simple burglar alarm system. You can install security cameras at entrances and in the office. Your keypad takes codes or fingerprints. The higher tech systems include automation technology.

Finding the Right Business Security Company

What Is Automation Technology?

With an automation system you have complete control over your office’s security. This includes your HVAC system, lights, and security system. As the business owner you can remotely assess your office’s security and energy needs. Automation systems allow you to check on video feed from surveillance cameras and adjust energy settings. Offices that have high energy bills benefit from an automation system. You can adjust heating and cooling and monitor energy usage to find out where the costs are coming from.

Benefits Of Security Cameras

Security cameras help prevent break ins. They also address internal issues. Employees who are aware that there are surveillance cameras are less likely to steal office supplies or other office materials. Office supply theft accounts for losses up to $40 billion dollars annually. Employees take small items for use at home or because they feel undervalued. These small disappearances add up. Help deter office supply theft by installing security cameras around supply distribution centers.

Camera footage makes it easy to address issues of employee misconduct. If an employee brings up a complaint against another employee then your security footage helps verify the accusation.

Security cameras installed in parking lots help employees monitor suspicious activity outside. Businesses that are open after dark especially benefit from this technology. Your employee can notify the police if he or she suspects a potential criminal is up to no good.

Cameras help identify suspects and employee conduct in the event of a robbery or burglary. Breaches in protocol can lead to such incidents. Identify the employee in question and discipline them accordingly with the help of security footage.

Select The Appropriate Size System

Small business has very different security needs than large businesses. Corporations can afford high tech security systems that require additional IT staff members to operate. A small business does not need this level of surveillance.

Consult a business security company professional to determine the needs of your business.

Finding the Right Business Security Company

Finding A Reputable Company

Finding a reputable business security company is easy. Consult your colleagues if you are part of a circle of business owners. See which systems work for them and which providers they use.

Reading product reviews is another way of determining the worth of a company. Consult consumer product websites and publications to see which companies receive raves and which receive rants. Narrow your options to a few companies with positive feedback. Call these companies for a quote. Compare the quote and select the most affordable system that meets your business security needs.

Finding the Right Business Security Company

Protect Your Business Today

Don’t wait till next quarter to install a business security system. Security helps your business save time and money, not to mention priceless peace of mind. Contact a security professional for additional advice regarding your unique security needs.

Choosing the Best Wireless Security System

Congratulations. You decided that a wireless security system was the best option for your home. Wireless systems offer the most protection with the benefit of portability. What you need to know now is how to choose the best wireless security system on the market.

Know The Wireless Options

Wireless systems are security systems that operate without wires. There is nothing to cut when a burglar attempts to shut your security system down. These systems connect to a monitoring company who is responsible for keeping you up to date. They contact law enforcement or appropriate response teams when necessary.

Wireless systems connect in three ways:

  1. Landline Connection
  2. Broadband Connection
  3. Cellular Connection

A landline connection uses a phone line to communicate between the monitoring center and your wireless security system. This is usually the most affordable option. There are two downside of landline connections. The first is that many homes no longer have landlines. Our society increasingly relies on cell phones to communicate. Your wireless system may become obsolete if you move to a home without a landline connection. The second is that burglars can cut landlines. 25% of burglars admit to tampering with phone, power, and alarm wires before attempting entry.

Choosing the Best Wireless Security System

Broadband connections are more reliable than landlines. The communication occurs through your internet connection. Updates are delivered electronically. Internet connections allow you to check on your security system remotely by logging into your account. The price is still affordable, but broadband connections can be tampered with depending on your home network settings. Security systems that access your internet wirelessly will not work in a power outage. Your router depends on electricity to emit a signal. Wireless systems that plug into your internet directly are more reliable.

Cellular connections are the most reliable option. They are also usually the most expensive. You pay for the added security of knowing your security system is safe from wire cutting burglars, power outages, or issues with internet connectivity. A cellular connection opens up a new field in home security: home automation. You can adjust your home’s security settings from your phone. You can check security cameras, monitor energy use, and even turn lights on and off all from your cell.

Read Reviews

Choosing the Best Wireless Security System

Decided on the best option for your home? Now it is time to choose a provider. Begin by reading reviews of the companies that offer the services you want. Figure out what the main complaints and most loved features of the system are. Look for a company with positive reviews and a good track record.

Finding A Fair Price

Don’t be afraid to call around for quotes. You want the best wireless system at the best price. This does not mean you settle for lower quality. Cross check low prices with company reviews to make sure the company is reliable. Remember that installing a security system could save you up to 20% on your home insurance policy.

What Is The Best Option?

The best wireless security system is the one that works for your family. Figure out what you need and can afford. Talk to company representatives to get more information. Don’t put it off. Start the process of protecting your family today.

5 Tips to Improve House Security Systems

Do you have a security system installed in your home? If the answer is yes, congratulations. You took the most important step towards keeping your home and family safe. Some homeowners wonder if there is more they can do. Here are a few tips to improve house security systems no matter how fail-proof your alarm is.

1. Maintain Your Landscaping

A well maintained yard looks nice. It also keeps you safer. Plan your landscaping with home security in mind. Consider how your home looks to an intruder. Are there trees or shrubs hiding windows and doors from sight? This gives burglars the perfect vantage point to break in without being seen. Do the trees provide an easy ladder to your second story? Remove trees or limbs that come too close to your home.

Dead trees or trees with dead limbs need to go. Storms blow trees and branches like this down every day. Prevent your home and loved ones from injury by taking responsibility for the trees on your property.

5 Tips to Improve House Security Systems

Privacy fences offer homeowners privacy to enjoy their yards. They also offer burglars the same perks. Consider taking additional security measures in your backyard if you have a privacy fence. Install motion sensor lights and make sure back doors and windows are locked. Post security system signs and stickers in your backyard as well as your front.

2. Keep Your Yard Free Of Tools

It is convenient to leave tools on the front porch or lying near your project. You plan on coming back to them soon. Why bother putting them away? Tools like hammers and crowbars are used by burglars to break into doors and windows. Don’t provide an intruder with an easy way into your home. Burglars look for the easiest way in. They might move on to the next house if your home has a security system and all entrances are locked. Tools offering an easy alternative encourage them to invade your home when they might otherwise have passed you by.

3. Advertise Protection

Most house security systems come with window stickers and lawn signs. These are tools you should leave out. Burglars are three times less likely to attempt a burglary if you have a home security system. Advertise that your home is protected.

4. Install Outdoor Lights

5 Tips to Improve House Security Systems

Over 60% of burglaries take place between 10 am and 3 pm. This does not mean your home is safe at night. Installing outdoor lights helps deter burglars from forcible entry. Burglars want to break into your home where no one can see them. Motion sensor lights or outdoor floodlights make this impossible. They illuminate the burglars’ activities.

Outdoor lights protect you from injury. A well-lit step is safer than navigating steps in darkness. It is easier to insert a key and tap a security keypad in the light. Light also provides a sense of security. It is hard for someone to sneak up on you with a floodlight on.

5. Protect Your Home While You Are Away

Leaving your home puts it at risk. Burglars seek unoccupied homes as easy targets. Take the necessary precautions before heading out of town or leaving for the office.

  1. Leave a light on if you plan on being away for a few days
  2. Leave the TV or radio on
  3. Leave a spare car in the driveway if you have one
  4. Turn off mail and newspaper delivery

Nothing says an empty home like a pile of mail and newspapers in the drive. Turning off mail delivery until you return prevents your home from looking like you are on vacation. It also prevents identity theft. Your mail contains sensitive personal and financial information that identity thieves use to commit crimes. If you forget to turn off your mail then have a friend collect it for you.

Leaving TVs and radios on produces noise that makes it difficult for burglars to determine if someone is home. This is an effective strategy especially when combined with one or two indoor lights. The lights protect your home at night and the noise from the TV or radio deters burglars both at night and during the day.

Not every family has a spare car. Consider taking a taxi to the airport or asking a friend to drive you when you go on vacation. This way you avoid paying parking fees and can leave your car behind. A parked car is a clear indicator that someone is home.

Help Your Security System Protect You

5 Tips to Improve House Security Systems

House security systems are the first line of defense for you and your family. Help these systems help you by landscaping with security in mind, keeping your yard free of tools, advertising your security system, installing outdoor lights, and protecting your home while you are on vacation. Your home will thank you.

3 Surprising Ways a Home Security Company Protects Your Family

You know you probably should get a security system installed in your house. You meant to, but it is easy to put it off. Don’t wait. Here are 3 surprising ways a home security company protects your family.

1. Protection From Burglars

How much do you know about burglary? Did you know that your home stands a 1 in 36 chance of experiencing a burglary in your lifetime? Residential burglaries take place every day. About one burglary happens every 15 seconds in the U.S. Don’t let your home be one of them. Know the facts about residential burglaries.

Who are burglars?

Your local burglar is just that – local. Most burglars are teenage boys living within two miles of your home. Why do these young neighbors break into your house? Teenagers have plenty of reasons. Some are acting out. Others seek the adrenaline rush of theft. Still more simply need money.

Are burglars violent?

Burglars only commit acts of violence in 7% of break ins. Burglars typically avoid houses that appear occupied. Sometimes they misjudge. It is not always easy to tell if someone is home. Statistics indicate that a household member is present during 28% of burglaries. That 7% statistic quickly becomes frightening. 7% is more than a quarter of incidents involving a loved one. A crime only occurs if someone is there to harm. These are not good odds.

When do these teenagers attempt to break into your home?

3 Surprising Ways a Home Security Company Protects Your Family

Statistics show that over 60% of burglars strike between 10am and 3pm. The average household is empty at this time. Adults are at work and children are at school. A burglar might knock on your door disguised as a professional, salesperson, or landscaper. This way they have a legitimate story when you answer the door. A lack of response and no obvious signs of internal life are an invitation for burglars to come on in.

How do they get in?

3 Surprising Ways a Home Security Company Protects Your Family

34% come in through the front door. It is easy to forget to lock your door from time to time. Some doors are easy to kick in and possess locks that burglars have no trouble picking. You can replace flimsy doors with metal framed doors or doors of solid wood. Consider installing dead bolts for added security.

The next place a burglar likes to enter is a first floor window. Windows are also easy to forget to lock and even easier to break through than a door.

Here are the statistics of burglar entry:

  • 34% use front door
  • 23% use first floor windows
  • 22% use the back door
  • 9% use the garage
  • 6% use unlocked side entrances and storage areas
  • 4% use the basement
  • 2% use the second floor

What do burglars steal?

Burglars only spend between 8 to 12 minutes in your home. They do not have time to assess the value of the majority of your belongings. They focus instead on items they can easily turn into cash.

Popular items include:

  • Cash
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Silver
  • Guns
  • Prescription Medications

Most people store their valuables in the master bedroom. This is the first place a burglar will look. Dresser drawers, bedroom closets, and freezers top burglars’ lists of quick stops. A burglar steals over $2,000 from a home on average.

What about property damage?

Over 60% of burglars enter by force. This is not good for your home. Broken doors and windows are costly to replace. Some burglars vandalize home interiors or break things in the process of clearing out your valuables. Home insurance policies cover damage after a deductible. The deductible varies from plan to plan. It is still money out of your pocket.

Emotional Effects Of Residential Burglaries

Returning to a vandalized home is devastating. Valuables are missing. Family heirlooms are lost forever. The sanctity of your home is violated. The emotional repercussions of a burglary are serious.

Victims of burglaries report experiencing several debilitating symptoms:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Fear

These conditions impact your personal and professional life. Some require the intervention of a therapist to resolve.

Security Systems Prevent Burglaries

3 Surprising Ways a Home Security Company Protects Your Family

The best way to prevent a burglary is to install a home security system. Burglars are three times as likely to break into a home without security. You decrease your odds of a break in dramatically by hiring a home security company to represent your home.

2. Fire Prevention And Detection

A house fire is a far likelier event than a burglary. Your home has a 1 in 4 chance of a reported house fire in your lifetime. The odds of a small, unreported house fire are even higher. The average person experiences 5 small fires in their lifetime, according to the National Fire Protection Agency. Kitchen fires, candle accidents, and electrical fires are common culprits.

Fires are more damaging financially than burglaries. Fire damage and smoke damage easily totals to thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Insurance covers a lot of this damage. Insurance can not replace the countless beloved objects destroyed by fires. Photo albums, children’s toys, and family heirlooms all suffer in fires and do not have a price.

Rental properties are legally required to have working smoke detectors. Your home insurance policy may require you to install them in order to receive coverage. Check your state laws to determine the type of detector and level of protection legally required in your home.

Security systems detect fires in time to alert the fire department and save your family and home.

3. Monitor HVAC With Home Automation

Do you worry about leaving your home during the winter? What if there is a storm while you are away and you lose power? What if your sump pump stops working? Home automation technology allows you to control and monitor your home’s heating and cooling systems. If the temperature rises or falls beyond normal ranges you receive an update. This gives you time to call a friend or professional to address the problem and prevent pipes from freezing.

Some systems monitor moisture levels and your sump pump. They alert you when something is not functioning properly or if your house develops a moisture issue like a flood.

Home automation systems help reduce energy costs. You get to observe your home’s energy usage and make the appropriate adjustments. Save your family money by installing a home automation system that deters burglars, detects fires, and monitors your home’s energy use.

Security Systems Save Money And Lives

Installing a security system is the best way to ensure your family’s safety. Security systems save money and lives every day. Now you know the three ways a home security company protects your family. Don’t wait any longer. Install a security system today.